We provide an entire range of premium quality customized furnitures to keep in pace with customers’ demand. Hotel furniture includes restaurant and bar chairs, tables, sofas, display board, cabinets and lot more. It demands an appealing look without compromising on the comfort level.

Surveillance for Hospitality

For the hospitality industry, safety of their guests and property is of utmost importance. It is therefore, vital to deploy a security surveillance system to ensure safety of the guests while maintaining service quality. Besides security and productivity, it also proves to be an effective tool for monitoring daily operations, thus enhancing customer service and satisfaction.

Glass wall systems

Glass wall systems have long been a popular design element and also reinvents the look of the commercial spaces or organisations. It also allows natural light to flood the place and are proven to boost office morale and workplace productivity. We ensure that our customers receive top-notch glass walls and panels on every order.


No visual illustration of a company’s brand is more direct than signage. A well-designed sign can be highly effective in communicating brand identity or an individual, conveying company values and even assisting with wayfinding. It is easier to find a visitor destination inside your buildings using readable symbols and simple texts. We offer a wide range of Signboards and Signages for advertising and marketing application across different sectors based on your logo, sizes and personal preference.

Fire Fighting Systems and Equipment

A firefighting system is probably the most important of the building services, as its aim is to protect human life and property. We are engaged in giving our customers the best fire engineering products with longer warranty.

Window blinds and curtains

The appearance of the window blinds and curtains are very important to the overall aesthetics of a place. We offer a very wide range, including stylistic options and custom blinds can be fabricated to meet almost any requirement.