About Us

SIPS Interiorscapes Pvt. Ltd., is one of the fastest growing comphrensive turnkey solutions provider in India. We offer all-inclusive end-to-end turnkey solutions for diverse applications in Healthcare, Hospitality and Corporate sector. The best part of our service is that by collaborating with a wide range of manufactures and vendors in our business community, we provide all services on a single platform. We are committed to our customers’ needs by working together to develop lasting and valued solutions.

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Our Mission

At SIPS Interiorscapes we are continuing to expand our horizons to new markets around the country so that we can serve our customers even better in order to transform shell’s into assets.

Our Objective

The objective of our company is that we are committed to provide high-quality furnishing solutions at the right price and offer impeccable service standards through our personalized attention to detail

Why Choose Us?

We provide only the services you need, which saves you time and money. We are committed to provide the best quality of products at the most competitive prices well within the budget.